Almost Off Grid

  • How to cook perfectly Medium Rare Roast Beef and Gravy

    A good joint of quality beef topside isn't cheap. For a few years I was always the one to cook it, as Andy was worried he'd mess it up. Once he'd perfected how to cook perfectly Medium Rare Roast Beef using the High Temperature method just the way we liked it, his roast beef was better than mine. Lucky break for me then. Though I still make the gravy.
  • Homemade Mascarpone Cheese and Caffè Reale dessert (thanks to Pizza Express)

    Mascarpone Cheese is a delicious, rich Italian triple cream cheese which is easy to make. I became hooked on mascarpone when Pizza Express had Caffè Reale on their dessert menu, with marinated figs. It is very easy to rustle up when you have the miniature figs and it's delicious with homemade mascarpone cheese.
  • Rosehip Vodka Liqueur aka Rosehip Schnapps

    We foraged loads of Rosehips last autumn and winter, and we made most of them into rosehip syrup. However I held a few back and made a small batch ...
  • Blackberry Port Recipe

    It is the beginning of August and the blackberry season is upon us. We leave a small corner of our allotment overgrown for the bees and butterflies...
  • Gin and Tonic Cucumber Pickles

    Every year on our allotment we have a glut (ie more than we can possibly ever eat) of at least one thing. The first glut of 2020 will be... *drumroll*... cucumbers. I plan to make Bread and Butter Pickles. But before I make the sensible, traditional pickles, I had to make Gin and Tonic Refrigerator Pickles.
  • Homemade Sausage Rolls

    If you have never had a homemade sausage roll, then your life is about to change for the better. Yes, that's what I said. You can make them in no t...
  • Bread Maker Pitta Breads

    For years I bought Pitta Breads in the supermarket. Then I saw a photograph of homemade pitta breads and they looked so beautiful, I had to have a ...
  • Damson Wine Recipe

    Here is our Damson Wine Recipe. Damsons come from the same family as plums. Their natural tartness means damson wine needs to be aged for longer than some other fruit wines, but it's worth the wait. Damsons grow in hedgerows all around the UK. Easy to spot, they look like little purple jewels hanging from the branches.
  • Cider and Sage Infused Roast Chicken on the Weber Poultry Roaster

    Cider and Sage Infused Whole Chicken, Roasted on the Weber BBQ. You cook the chicken on indirect heat so the chicken stays beautifully moist on the outside, yet has a crispy skin and is cooked through. Infused with homemade cider and sage, with a little smoking of sage to finish.
  • How to Extract Honey from Cappings and Crushed Comb to make Mead

    All beekeepers have wax cappings and crushed honeycomb around at some stage or another.  Making mead from them isn't common practice nowadays, but it's so rewarding. It means no honey is wasted and the process is simpler than you think. This is how we make mead from our honey cappings and crushed comb.
  • Small Batch Dandelion Mead Recipe

    Mead has been around for centuries, and dandelions have long been foraged by man. Dandelion Mead is one of the 'old school' Meads I wanted to make, above all others. It's beautiful, and not just for Spring. Because whilst Dandelions are profuse in May June, they continued flowering until October.
  • Perfect Pizza Base Recipe for the Breadmaker

    I have been experimenting with Pizza Base Recipes. The ideal base needs to be not too doughy, not too crisp. Just that thinnish, soft base that slightly absorbs the toppings, but doesn't go soggy. And ideally, a base that can be made successfully in a breadmaker. I think we've cracked it! This is our favourite Bread Maker Pizza Base recipe.