Almost Off Grid

  • Introducing the French Market Soap Subscription Box!

    Do you miss wandering around French Markets putting bars of gorgeous, multicoloured Savon de Marseille soaps into your basket? Us too. So we created the French Market Soap Subscription Box. 4 beautiful soaps plus a little surprise gift delivered to your door every month, with free UK delivery. How fab does that sound?
  • Introducing... the Almost Off Grid App for your phone

    We're always looking for ways to make it easier to shop with us, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic. So from today, when you visit our ...
  • The most expensive Paella Pan in Europe. [Happy Easter.]

    Once upon a time, we ran a childrenswear business. It was called Little Sunflowers. We ran it for 14 years, from 2004 until 2018. Many of our cust...
  • Why I now own this Singer Treadle Sewing Machine

    A couple of weeks ago a listing on Ebay caught my eye. It was for a Singer Treadle Sewing Machine. With a trend towards all things retro, Singer Tr...
  • Chickens for Beginners - for the love of eggs

    Chickens for Beginners. This year we started to keep chickens. To anyone thinking about it: I highly recommend them! Who knew you could love a chicken?
  • Little Free Libraries - and why we have one

    You may have heard of Little Free Libraries, but not yet come across an example. Well if you're in Horam, East Sussex you already have one! A Littl...
  • Our 100% Electric Car - the Nissan Leaf.

    Well, after many months of talking about it, thinking about it and reading about it... we've taken the plunge. Today we picked up our Nissan Leaf T...
  • The Kindness of Strangers - The Rosemary Christmas Tree

    In 2017, be like Simon... want to know how? Start with a Rosemary Christmas Tree as a tool. And be kind to strangers... it's really quite easy.
  • The 3 best places to buy cheap wine in Calais

    The best 3 places to buy cheap wine in Calais, and hints and tips for your trip. Our view is 'booze cruises' are still worth the time and effort!
  • Refreshing a two day old loaf of French Bread. From France.

    Andy went on a trip to Calais this weekend to get our wine for Christmas. Is it worth travelling to France to buy wine? People say these trips, oft...
  • Sourcing Pears for Making Pear Cider or Perry... for free.

    I had a thought. Many people have Pear Trees in their gardens. If someone had too many pears ripening at the same time, they might be willing to share some of them? Then we could have a go at making Pear Cider or Perry and, if it wasn't brilliant, it wouldn't be the end of the world because the Pears hadn't cost us anything.