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  • Solar Panels, Electric Cars and Heat Pumps... achieving Net Zero before 2030

    Tackling climate change is now top of the agenda for many countries, companies and people around the world, and we are one of them. If you follow us on Instagram, you'll know that we signed our shop up to the SME Climate Commitment this year. As our shop is on the front of our family home, the actions we take at home affect our business and vice versa. So, in effect, we are committing our Business and Home to achieving Net Zero before 2030.
  • Create a Beautiful Bio Link for Instagram

    We love Instagram. It's a great way to share links to our shop and our blog posts. I go through phases of blogging... a lot. With lots of links, my Linktree was getting long and looked a bit (dare I say) boring. So I set about finding a way to create a beautiful bio link for Instagram.
  • Starting a Podcast on the Cheap – a Guide for Small Shops

    We created a podcast during the 2020 COVID 19 lockdown. We’ve had a few people ask us about podcasting and how we set ourselves up to do it. This i...
  • Amazon Affiliates for Small Shops

    I am not a blogger, I'm a shop owner who blogs. Amazon affiliate income is one of the many revenue streams that trickle into our shop bank account, month in month out, helping to keep the cash flowing. So what is Amazon Associates and how can it create a revenue stream for your shop? Read all about it here.
  • ECommerce Websites for Shops: Choosing a Platform and Developer

    One of the issues that come up a lot in the forums I read is Ecommerce websites for small shops, and how to choose a platform and developer. S...
  • Amazon FBA for Small Shops

    Last week we spent a lot of time packing up boxes of stock to go to Amazon warehouses around the UK. Amazon FBA for small shops is something I don'...
  • Rearranging Stock to Drive Sales

    As I write this, it is less than 10 days until Christmas. So you may be wondering why on earth we think now is a good time to be rearranging s...
  • The 3 Ways to Grow your Shop Sales

    We have have had a shop for 16 years. During that time we built a successful shop business, closed it after 14 years and started another one. ...
  • Running a Small Independent Shop

    Thank you for visiting this part of our blog, where we share what we have learned about running a small, independent shop. I'm presuming you're here because you have a small shop, or plan to have one.