Almost Off Grid

  • Wild Plum Gin Liqueur Recipe

    Here in East Sussex we really have hit the Autumn season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. We picked some wild plums aka bullaces a couple of weeks ago and made Wild Plum Gin Liqueur. It already looks deep pink and glorious! Here's the recipe.
  • Mead Making Journal - Almost Off Grid Journal 1 is here!

    Do you want to master the art and craft of making mead?  The Almost Off Grid Mead Making Journal has everything you need to get started. After such...
  • Additives in Winemaking

    This list contains 15 additives you will find in winemaking recipes, plus a word about sulphites in wine. The purpose of this list of Additives in Winemaking is to explain some of the options available. Then you can decide whether or not you wish to use them, or find a 'natural' alternative where one exists.

  • Elderflower Wine Recipe

    To start the month of June we walked up to The Long Man of Wilmington with our sandwiches for tea, and picked our first Elderflowers to make this Elderflower Wine Recipe. We only picked a few, so I made a half batch. This is the recipe for the full batch, ie 6 bottles. If you too want to make a small batch wine, simply halve everything.
  • 10 Reasons Your Home Brew Fermentation May Have Stopped - Checklist

    Sometimes you make a wine, beer, cider or mead and it starts fermenting beautifully. Then... it stops. There could be at least 10 reasons why your ...
  • Homebrew Tips: How to Rack - and why

    Racking is a key process in home brewing and wine making. Your recipe may call for you to rack your brew once, twice and maybe even three times bef...
  • 10 Reasons Your Wine Fermentation Won't Start - Checklist

    It's autumn and this is the time of year when our customers are making wine from garden grapes or country wines. More contact us than usual at this...
  • Rosehip Vodka Liqueur aka Rosehip Schnapps

    We foraged loads of Rosehips last autumn and winter, and we made most of them into rosehip syrup. However I held a few back and made a small batch ...
  • Blackberry Port Recipe

    It is the beginning of August and the blackberry season is upon us. We leave a small corner of our allotment overgrown for the bees and butterflies...
  • Damson Wine Recipe

    Here is our Damson Wine Recipe. Damsons come from the same family as plums. Their natural tartness means damson wine needs to be aged for longer than some other fruit wines, but it's worth the wait. Damsons grow in hedgerows all around the UK. Easy to spot, they look like little purple jewels hanging from the branches.
  • How to Extract Honey from Cappings and Crushed Comb to make Mead

    All beekeepers have wax cappings and crushed honeycomb around at some stage or another.  Making mead from them isn't common practice nowadays, but it's so rewarding. It means no honey is wasted and the process is simpler than you think. This is how we make mead from our honey cappings and crushed comb.
  • Small Batch Dandelion Mead Recipe

    Mead has been around for centuries, and dandelions have long been foraged by man. Dandelion Mead is one of the 'old school' Meads I wanted to make, above all others. It's beautiful, and not just for Spring. Because whilst Dandelions are profuse in May June, they continued flowering until October.