Hedgerow Wine Making Journal - Almost Off Grid Journal 2 is here!

Do you want to master the art and craft of making hedgerow wines?  The  Almost Off Grid Hedgerow Wine Making Journal has everything you need to get started. This is the second in our journal series about traditional crafts, with a sprinkling of sustainable living. 

If you've never made wine before, the vast array of recipes and jargon online can seem a bit daunting. This elegant journal contains all the information you need, even if you are new to homebrewing. It also has plenty of room to record your own notes as you become more experienced.

Our Hedgerow Wine Making Journal includes:

  • the key principles of winemaking and fermentation, and how they apply to hedgerow wines
  • the basic equipment needed to get started, some of which you will already have in your kitchen
  • a foraging calendar
  • the terms used in wine making and what they mean
  • the additives you find in wine making recipes, their purpose, and whether you always need to use them
  • an overview of the different kinds of wine you can make
  • all about sterilisation in winemaking, how easy it is, and why it is so important
  • five tried and tested hedgerow wine recipes
  • knowing when fermentation has started, when it has finished, and when your wine is ready to drink
  • wine making hints, tips, and more. Including: is elderflower champagne exploding really 'a thing' (hint: it can be) and how to avoid it.

The five recipes are followed by over 100 lined journal pages. This will allow you to keep your hedgerow wine recipes in one place, log your progress and record your making and tasting notes. 

If you're new to my blog, I'm a homebrewing enthusiast. As well as making our own wine, beer, cider, mead and cheese, we grow their own food, keep bees and chickens, and are enthusiastic foragers and fermenters. Basically we are always looking for ways to create a simpler, greener, more sustainable way of living, and to share what they have learned along the way.

I have answered many of the questions I've been asked about hedgerow wine making over the years in this book, which includes all my hints and top tips.

Hedgerow Wine Making Journal

This is the second in a series of Almost Off Grid Journals, the first one being our Mead Making Journal. Each book in the series contains basic information in the front to get started, room in the margins for notes, and lined pages so you can add your own information and clippings as you build your knowledge. They allow you to create the perfect reference series just for you, covering a range of subjects related to traditional crafts and sustainable living.

This journal series came about when I realised I have books on all sorts of subjects, yet many of them sit on the shelf largely unused. When you buy a book on a topic that interests you, such as wine recipes, you tend not to revisit all of it. Some parts of the book appeal, some don't, and then the book can be forgotten. Almost Off Grid Journals cover a range of subjects related to traditional crafts and sustainable living, enabling you to create your own reference library for ongoing use.

This soft back journal measures 17.0 x 24.3cm and has 150 pages in total, with book industry perfect binding and a glossy cover designed to easily wipe clean. It is printed on high quality white paper which minimises ink bleed-through and is suitable for pen or pencil.

The Almost Off Grid Hedgerow Wine Making Journal is an essential tool for any budding homebrewer who wants to make wine from hedgerow fruits and flowers. It is the ideal gift for all homemade wine enthusiasts.


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