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  • How to make Acorn Coffee

    Every autumn when we see acorns on the ground, we talk about what we could do with them. Acorn coffee is discussed every year, but usually doesn't ...
  • How to make Homemade Halloumi Cheese

    We love Halloumi all year round, especially grilled on the bbq. Andy makes ours now because it is so easy to make. Here he shares how to make homemade Halloumi Cheese, and there's also a tutorial video where he grills it on the bbq.
  • Introducing... the Almost Off Grid App for your phone

    We're always looking for ways to make it easier to shop with us, particularly in the midst of a global pandemic. So from today, when you visit our ...
  • Homemade Bagels Recipe - New York Style

    Homemade Bagels have a reputation for being a bit tricky to make. In fact, they are not. Andy often makes them for breakfast at the weekend and this is his homemade bagels recipe.
  • How to Make Butter from Cream

    It is October 2020 as I write this. In the UK we were locked down for 6 months earlier this year due to COVID-19, and some products became difficul...
  • 10 Reasons Your Home Brew Fermentation May Have Stopped - Checklist

    Sometimes you make a wine, beer, cider or mead and it starts fermenting beautifully. Then... it stops. There could be at least 10 reasons why your ...
  • Homebrew Tips: How to Rack - and why

    Racking is a key process in home brewing and wine making. Your recipe may call for you to rack your brew once, twice and maybe even three times bef...
  • 10 Reasons Your Wine Fermentation Won't Start - Checklist

    It's autumn and this is the time of year when our customers are making wine from garden grapes or country wines. More contact us than usual at this...
  • Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips

    Today I made my banana bread with chocolate chips, and I posted about it on Instagram. Someone asked me for the recipe, and that was when I realised I've never shared it on here before. 
  • How to cook perfectly Medium Rare Roast Beef and Gravy

    A good joint of quality beef topside isn't cheap. For a few years I was always the one to cook it, as Andy was worried he'd mess it up. Once he'd perfected how to cook perfectly Medium Rare Roast Beef using the High Temperature method just the way we liked it, his roast beef was better than mine. Lucky break for me then. Though I still make the gravy.
  • Homemade Mascarpone Cheese and Caffè Reale dessert (thanks to Pizza Express)

    Mascarpone Cheese is a delicious, rich Italian triple cream cheese which is easy to make. I became hooked on mascarpone when Pizza Express had Caffè Reale on their dessert menu, with marinated figs. It is very easy to rustle up when you have the miniature figs and it's delicious with homemade mascarpone cheese.
  • Rosehip Vodka Liqueur aka Rosehip Schnapps

    We foraged loads of Rosehips last autumn and winter, and we made most of them into rosehip syrup. However I held a few back and made a small batch ...