Almost Off Grid

  • Growing Thai Basil from Supermarket Cuttings

    Do you love Thai Basil? Me too. I love the stuff. But basil can be a bit of a struggle to grow from seed. And even when it isn't, it takes longer than this method does ! Try Growing Thai Basil the quick and easy way instead - from supermarket cuttings.
  • Growing Salad Leaves in Rain Guttering

    We've been growing salad leaves in rain guttering for years. If you've thought about it too and are not sure where to start, this is how to get yours set up. You can enjoy fresh, beautiful Salad Leaves whenever you want them, all year round. And all at very low cost.
  • How to build a Brick Herb Spiral

    A Herb Spiral is a lovely feature to have in any growing space, like the ultimate raised bed. We have had an allotment for years, and I've always wanted one. This is a step by step guide describing how we built our Herb Spiral with repurposed bricks.
  • Growing Hops in the Garden

    It's no secret that Home Brewing is our thing. So it seems a natural next step to start growing hops in the garden. As the chickens in our garden would decimate an entire field of hops in under 20 minutes, we are growing hops at the allotment instead.
  • Grow your own Wild Garlic

    Spotting wild garlic on country walks is wonderful. You usually smell it before you see it, and it tells you that Spring is either here or on its w...
  • Making Houseplant Tea with Eggshells and Banana Skins, and why you should.

    I create a simple houseplant tea with eggshells and banana skins before they go onto the compost heap. My plants seem to love it.
  • Getting to grips with an allotment - one year on

    Getting to grips with an allotment is a daunting prospect. This week marks one year since we took on ours. In reality, it's probably 8 months since...
  • Do Tumbling Composters Work?

    What is a Tumbling composter and do they work? A tumbling composter is essentially a barrel which you fill with compostable materials. The material...
  • Growing Turmeric in a pot... yes you can

    I've always wanted to have a go at growing turmeric. I'd heard that whilst it is a tropical plant, turmeric can be successfully grown in the UK. Mo...
  • Grow Your Own Pea Shoots All Year Round

    Did you know you can grow your own pea shoots all year round on your windowsill? They cost almost nothing to grow.