iMake 3 Scale Hydrometer Instructions

iMake 3 Scale Beer & Wine Hydrometer Instructions

The iMake 3 Scale hydrometer measures the level of sugar throughout a fermentation. As the sugar in your home brew turns to alcohol, the hydrometer will sink slowly. When it stops sinking the fermentation is complete.

The iMake hydrometer is triple scale: Specific Gravity, Potential Alcohol and Approx Sugar per Litre. The hydrometer's outer packaging doubles as a trial jar.



Handle your hydrometer with care and DO NOT BOIL (otherwise your hydrometer will crack). Place a sample of the liquid to be tested into the trial jar supplied and lower the hydrometer into the liquid, so that it floats freely. Gently spin the hydrometer to release any air bubbles against the hydrometer glass.

When the hydrometer has stopped moving, take the reading of where the liquid touches the glass.

Hydrometer Temperature/Specific Gravity Correction Table

The hydrometer is calibrated to 20 degrees C (68 degrees F) and, if the temperature of the liquid is slower or higher, the Specific Gravity Reading has to be adjusted as per the following table:

 Temperature Specific Gravity Correction
10 degrees C (50 degrees F) -0.0025
15 degrees C (59 degrees F) -0.0014 
20 degrees C (68 degrees F) 0
25 degrees C (77 degrees F) +0.0028
30 degrees C (86 degrees F) +0.0046


Hydrometer for homebrew

The hydrometer is colour coded to indicate generally where fermentation for beer and wine will begin and end.

Beer Brewing

Care must be taken when brewing beer in determining when the fermentation is complete. When the specific gravity reading approaches 1015, the fermentation will slow down.

Do not bottle your beer until you have a constant, specific gravity reading for 24 hours UNDER SG.1010, or your bottles may burst. Please consult a good beer making book for further details.

How to estimate % alcohol content

The hydrometer can be used to determine the approximate alcohol content of your beer or wine. A potential alcohol reading must be taken at the start of fermentation, and another when it is complete. These two readings are added or subtracted to give an approximate alcohol reading.

Example Reading

Initial Potential Alcohol reading of 13.5%, final Potential Alcohol reading of 1% gives an approximate alcohol content of 12.5%.

The iMake 3 Scale Beer & Wine Hydrometer is ideal for brewing at home. 

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