Complete List of Muntons Gervin Yeasts, and when to use them

We sell the full range of Gervin Yeasts at Almost Off Grid, sealed in handy 5g sachets to keep them fresh, ready for use. Each 5g sachet of yeast is enough for a single fermentation of up to 5 gallons of wine.

Whatever you are brewing at home, there will be a Gervin yeast which fits the bill.

Complete list of Gervin Yeasts for Home Brewing

GV1 Gervin Universal Wine Yeast

GV1 – Universal wine yeast with a green label.

Ideal for all general wine types: Quick start, settles well, clean bouquet.

Gervin GV2 Robust Wine Yeast
GV2 - Robust Wine Yeast with a red label.
For full bodied red and white wines: Quick start, rapid ferment, low foam.
GV3 Sparkling Wine Yeast
GV3 - Sparkling Wine Yeast with a Yellow Label.
Ideal for stronger sparkling and higher alcohol dessert wines. We have also had great success using Sparkling Wine Yeast when making our own homemade cider.
GV4 High Alcohol Wine Yeast Gervin
GV4 - High Alcohol Wine Yeast with a Purple Label.

Low foam, very tolerant, high alcohol wine yeast.

GV5 Gervin White Fruit Wine Yeast

GV5 - White Fruit Wine Yeast with a Grey Label.
Perfect for white fruit wines. Ferments down to 8°C.

GV6 Gervin Light Dessert Wine Yeast

GV6 - Light dessert wine yeast with an Orange Label.
True sauternes yeast. Ferments down to 5°C, with fruity and floral characteristics.

GV7 Gervin Restart Yeast by Muntons

GV7 - Restart Yeast with a Brown Label
Ideal for restarting a stuck ferment with residual sugar.

GV8 Gervin Red Table Wine Yeast by Muntons

GV8 Red Table Wine Yeast with a Red label.
Ideal for Bordeaux/ Claret style wines. Ferments between 18 and 30°C.

GV9 Gervin White Wine Yeast by Muntons

GV9 - White Wine Yeast with a Black Label.

For German style White Wines. Also ideal for making rhubarb and gooseberry wine.

 GV10 Gervin Light Sparkling Wine Yeast by Muntons

GV10 – Light Sparkling Wine Yeast with a Gold Label.
Perfect for superior sparkling and rose wines.

GV11 Red Fruit Wine Yeast by Gervin

GV11 – Red Fruit Wine Yeast with a Dark Red Label.
Perfect for red fruit wines. Produces fruit wines with a fine bouquet.

Gervin GV12 Ale Yeast by Muntons

GV12 – Ale Yeast with a Light Brown label.
Formulated to produce exceptional results with rapid fermentation for most beer recipes.

GV13 Gervin Cider Yeast by Muntons

GV13 – Cider Yeast with a Dark Green label.
Perfect for the rapid and clean fermentation of all types of cider.

Gervin strains of yeast are used worldwide by the professional and amateur winemaker and beer maker. They will always produce a top quality result.

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Which Gervin yeast have you had the most success with?

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