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SG Wines Gold Chardonnay 7 Day Wine Kit makes 6 bottles 4.5L Solomon Grundy

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SG Wines (formerly packaged as Solomon Grundy) Gold Chardonnay 7 day Wine Kit.

SG Wine's Chardonnay White Wine Kit from their Gold range. This is a 7 Day kit, making 6 bottles of wine.

Start the fermentation on day 1, it's finished by Day 5, and cleared and ready to drink by Day 7.

Each kit produces 6 750ml bottles of wine. Just add water and sugar.

SG Wines Gold 6 Bottle Chardonnay Wine Making Kit makes a rich and fruity, off-dry white wine with complex fruit aromas and a smooth oak character.

Make this kit in 6 easy steps!
1.    Clean and sanitise your equipment.
2.    Mix your ingredients together.
3.    Ferment for at least 5 days.
4.    Clear the sediment from your wine.
5.    Bottle.
6.    Enjoy!

Full instructions are included inside your kit.

How much does this kit make?

The SG Wines Gold 6 bottle Wine Kit makes around 4.5 litres of wine.

What equipment will I need to make this Wine Kit?

You will need basic wine making equipment.

You can also ferment the wine in a demijohn. One demijohn is big enough for any 6 bottle (4.5 litre) wine kit.

What does it taste like?

The wine can be drunk immediately after 7 days but, as often with wine kits, they benefit from being kept for a little longer.

Sugar, cleaner/steriliser, bottles and winemaking equipment not included.

This kit requires the addition of 600 g of granulated sugar (sucrose) or 670 g of brewing sugar (dextrose) for fermentation. You can also add up to 22g of sugar when bottling if you like your wine sweet.

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