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Ritchies Medium Spray Dried
Malt Extract (DME) (1kg)

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1kg bag of medium spray dried malt extract (DME) by Ritchies.

This top quality medium malt extract adds extra body and a malty flavour, especially to bitters, for a more mellow and rounder taste. Use as a direct replacement for sugar in your home brew beer recipes and kits.

Ritchies spraymalts use the finest premium malts, spray dried to a fine, soluble powder. Use this malt extract in any beer kit recipe which suggests the addition of 1 kg of sugar (as a 1 to 1 replacement) to dramatically improve the overall quality and flavour of your beer.

Alternatively, add one pack of spray malt to any standard recipe in addition to the 1 kg of sugar suggested with the beer kit. This will boost your beer's flavour and strength without destroying its natural character. If you choose to do this, your beer when brewed will be approximately 20% stronger than the standard recipe.

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