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Safale S-04 English Ale Yeast

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Fermentis Safale S-04 English Ale Yeast.

Fermentis Safale S-04  is a well known English ale yeast. This yeast ferments quickly and forms a very compact sediment at the end of fermentation. This helps to keep your ale clear.

S-04 is ideal for brewing a large range of ales.

Weight: approximately 11.5g, suitable for 20 to 30 litres of ale.

Sedimentation: high.

For more technical information about this top quality yeast, download the data sheet (link below).

Manufactured in Belgium.

Fermentis Safale S-04 English Ale Yeast Data Sheet



Who are Fermentis?

Fermentis is an expert in the art of fermentation. Their active dry yeasts and yeast derivatives are designed to cover all your needs. Based in France, their mission is to help you create the beverages you dream of.