Mead Starter Kit with 5 litre PET Demijohn - Almost Off Grid

Mead Starter Kit with 5 litre PET Demijohn

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Almost Off Grid Mead Starter Kit.

This Almost Off Grid Mead Starter Kit contains everything you need to get going making your first batch of mead. It includes a pack of Almost Off Grid top quality Mead Yeast.

Mead Making Starter Kit Contents

  • 1 gallon (5 litre) PET demijohn

  • 1 PET plastic demijohn

  • 1 screw cap for the demijohn with a bored hole, fitted with a pvc grommet to keep an airlock in place

  • 1 Bubbler Airlock with cap

  • 1 100g tub of VWP cleaner/steriliser

  • 1 stick-on thermometer

  • 1 pack of top quality Almost Off Grid Mead Yeast

  • 1 small syphon with tap and sediment trap for bottling

  • 6 reusable corks with white rubber tops for bottling

  • A basic mead recipe.

    The Mead Recipe we include is Joe's Ancient Orange Mead (also known as JAO), posted by Joe Mattioli on Got Mead around 2003. It's the Mead Recipe many people start with, and we've also explained the Joe's Ancient Orange Mead Recipe here.

    And here is our Beginner's Guide to Making Mead.  

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    Steve Gibson
    Excellent value

    Everything you need as a beginner all neatly sorted into 1 easy pack.