Cider Making Starter Kit (1 Gallon )

Cider Making Starter Kit (1 Gallon )

Almost Off Grid
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Almost Off Grid Cider Kit.

This Almost Off Grid Cider Kit contains all you need to make your first batch of cider from apple juice extracted from garden apples.

Cider Kit Contents

    • 1 gallon (5 litre) PET plastic demijohn

    • 1 cap for demijohn with bored hole, fitted with a pvc grommet to keep an airlock in place

    • 1 Bubbler Airlock with cap

    • 1 100g tub of VWP steriliser

    • 1 tub of 50 Campden Tablets for treating your apple juice

    • 1 pack of top quality Mangrove Jack’s Cider Yeast M02

    • 1 Young's Simple Syphon for bottling

  • A basic cider recipe.

Please note: to make cider you will also need apple juice, bottles, and sugar for carbonating your cider when you've bottled it.


If you are contemplating making cider from apples for the first time and want an idea of what it involves, check out our blog post: A Beginner's Guide to Making Cider from Apples.