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Young's All Purpose Red Wine Yeast (5g)

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1 sachet of All Purpose Red Wine Yeast by Young's.

Sprinkle sachet contents onto surface of juice or 'must', wait for 15 minutes and stir.

Young's All Purpose Red Wine Yeast is a fantastic, multi-talented strain. This steady, stable fermenter will deliver a soft yet well structured red wine. You can expect consistently high results when using this yeast, exceptional when producing fruity reds. Whilst only adding subtle aroma and flavour compounds to your wine, the results will show full expression of the grape's individual character.

You can expect medium to full bodied wines with good length of palate and a long finish. With the ability to ferment up to 15% ABV, this is a good all rounder when you are unsure which strain to use.

This strain of wine yeast was chosen from over 150 available worldwide, involving several thousand individual fermentations. It produces red wines which are well rounded and full of fruit flavours, suitable for any style of red wine.

Sufficient for 5 gallons (23 litres) of wine.

Weight: 5g.