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PET Plastic Demijohns (5L) & Airlocks (x2)

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A pair of 5 litre PET Plastic Demijohns, complete with 2 bubbler airlocks to fit them.

Ideal for winemaking, these demijohns are made from food grade PET plastic. They both come supplied with a bored cap with a grommet, ready to fit the airlock. They also have a neck handle for easy transporting when they're empty. We don't recommend using the handle when they're full because of the weight.

PET Plastic Demijohns are a cheaper and lighter option than glass. They are also square, which makes them easier to store. To ensure the cap seals when you use the demijohn, simply snap off the tamper evident ring and screw the cap on tightly. Then fit the airlock into the hole.

Each pack contains:

  • 2 PET Plastic Demijohns

  • 2 plastic lids, bored with a hole

  • 2 grommets to fit the hole

  • 2 bubbler airlocks with caps.


Do not expose to hot water as your plastic demijohn will melt. Unsuitable for dishwashing.

One demijohn is large enough to accommodate the contents of a 6 bottle wine kit.