WineBuddy Fruit Wine Kits - the alternative to making fruit wines from scratch

This week we took delivery of a brand new product from Young's: WineBuddy Fruit Wine Kits. These are a wonderful alternative to making your fruit wines from scratch. We have a lot of interest in fruit wine kits, mainly from customers who have had a go at making their own fruit wines at home, with varying degrees of success.

Our most successful Homemade Country Wines

We have been making wines at home with fruit for years. One of our first successes was a light Pear Wine. We made this early on in our home brewing adventures. It wasn't brilliant, but it looked beautiful and was perfect mixed with soda or lemonade for a spritzer.

Last summer's experiment was using red grapes from someone's garden. The bad news: something went wrong. The good news: in a year or so we will have an almost limitless supply of top quality red wine vinegar which we've made ourselves. The demijohns are currently in a warm'ish place with muslin over the top to keep bugs out, and let air in.

In more recent times we've made a really nice Blackcurrant Wine, and our strawberry wine was quite lovely. My personal favourite is a blackberry wine aka mock claret. We've made that repeatedly, we like the recipe so much.

Making Elderflower Champagne

There is of course Elderflower Champagne, which we make every year when the fresh flowers are in season. It is sparkling and great fun! We will continue to experiment until we find more still fruit wines that we like. I've read that elderberry wine is the one that people tend to have the most success with. Seemingly this is partly because elderberries are similar to grapes. Given our limited success with red grapes... we'll see how that turns out.

Meanwhile customers are testing some recipes for us it seems. Only yesterday we dropped off a couple of demijohns to a customer, Ruby, who is retired. Ruby doesn't have a car and is looking to recreate the strawberry wine her Father used to make.

Why make a Fruit Wine from a Kit?

All the above begs the question: if you can make your own fruit wines, why would you need a fruit wine kit? Young's seem to have worked out that people like fruit wines, but have varying degrees of success making it. Or people don't have time to source and prepare the fresh fruit to go into the wine. Or perhaps both!

Winebuddy Fruit Wine Kits

This week Young's released their WineBuddy Fruit Wine Kits in 6 flavours. I like the sound of all of them: Apricot, Black Cherry, Blackberry, Strawberry, Elderflower and Peach.

Each WineBuddy Fruit Wine Kit includes:

  • 1 bottle of Fruit Concentrate, from which the wine will be made
  • Yeast/Nutrient to start the fermentation process
  • Stabiliser to stop the fermentation process
  • F-pack, also known as a wine finishing pack, to enhance the varietal characteristics of the wine
  • Finings, to clear the wine
  • Full instructions.

So if you haven't made fruit wine before, or haven't got the ingredients to hand, you can buy them everything together in one convenient pack without having to go out foraging :)

WineBuddy Wine Kits Ready in 7 Days

The kits claim to be ready in 7 days. That would sound like a big claim, were it not for the fact that WineBuddy Wine Kits have been around for a long time, and they are also ready in 7 days.

WineBuddy Wine Kits are one of our best selling lines. They are so easy to make and are a great introduction to wine making, even for the complete beginner. Customers return to buy the same kits at least once a month.

Up until now, WineBuddy Kits have only been available in grape varieties, such as Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. So it's great that we can now get Winebuddy Fruit Wine Kits too. As with all these kits wines, I'm guessing they benefit from being left for a bit longer than 7 days to improve the taste.

WineBuddy Fruit Wine Kits contain all the specialist ingredients you need to make your fruit wine. You will need wine making equipment, sugar and water on top. The Ritchies Starter Kit for Making Beer, Wine and Cider is ideal if you don't have any equipment yet. And of course you can re-use it again and again.

These lovely kits are the ideal way to start making fruit wine easily at home.

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