How to make Irish Whiskey using Top Shelf Shamrock Whiskey Flavouring

I have told you before how wonderful homemade Irish Cream Liqueur is, and shared my favourite Irish Cream Recipe. To make it, you need Irish Whiskey. We make ours using a Whiskey-like drink made with Top Shelf Shamrock Whiskey Flavouring.

Why not just buy Irish Whiskey?

If you are a fan who likes to drink fine Irish Whiskey, this may not be of interest to you. I don't have a clue about Irish Whiskey, in fact I don't even like whiskey. And I only need a cup of it to make Homemade Irish Cream. So there's no point in me spending £17+ on a bottle of Irish Whiskey which I'm then going to mix with lots of other ingredients. Once I've made my Irish Cream I would defy anyone to identify the whiskey in it. And then the rest of the bottle would just sit on the shelf until next Christmas.

How do you make the alcohol for this?

You don't make the alcohol. You simply use vodka. Any old vodka will do.

What do you flavour it with?

We use Top Shelf Shamrock Whiskey Spirit Flavouring. The flavouring produces a smooth and mellow Irish style whiskey flavour in your vodka, with overtones of caramel and vanilla. Nice to drink on its own if you like Irish Whiskey, and lots of our customers do just that. And it's perfect to mix with other ingredients for Irish Cream if you're me.

Top Shelf Still Spirits Shamrock Whiskey

You can add the entire contents of the 50ml bottle to 2.25 litres of vodka, thereby making three 750ml bottles. We never make that much. Instead we mix up a third of the bottle with vodka each time we want to make one bottle.Or a sixth of a bottle with half a bottle of vodka. Or basically whatever amount we need for whatever we're making.

What equipment do I need to make this Whiskey?

Clearly a lot of work goes into making a true whiskey, not to mention the distilling bit. For this kind of whiskey-like drink where you're adding flavouring to ready made alcohol, ie vodka, no equipment whatsoever is needed. You mix the flavouring in the bottle. It really couldn't be simpler!

How to Make Irish Whiskey Using Top Shelf Shamrock Whiskey Flavouring


1 750ml bottle of Vodka

1 bottle of Top Shelf Shamrock Whiskey Flavouring


1 750ml flip top glass bottle, or any attractive bottle of your choice that doesn't leak when it is shaken !


Wash your bottle well and dry it, you don't need to sterilise it.

Pour vodka into the bottle, almost to the top.

Add one third of the bottle of Shamrock Flavouring.

Secure the lid on the bottle and shake it until the flavouring is well mixed.

Label the bottle so you know what it is. (You think you'll remember. Trust me,  you won't.)

And that really is all there is to it.

Here we are making ours in preparation for making our Irish Cream for Christmas!

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