Homemade Whole Grain Mustard with Sauvignon Blanc

I only discovered that I liked mustard quite recently. I always thought of it as that burning fluorescent yellow stuff that was snuck into the occasional ham sandwich when you least expected it. Which I did not enjoy.

The gentle start I needed was French Dijon Mustard, adding sparingly to the odd thing. Then we started bringing home large jars of Amora Dijon when we went on our wine trips to France. Then I started making salad dressings with it. The next stage was to make my own mustard.

How is Mustard made?

You make mustard by soaking Mustard Seeds in a liquid, then blitzing them in a blender to make a paste.

You can simply soak mustard seeds in water. Or you can use flavoured vinegars, lemon juice, wine, beer, all sorts of things. Then you can add other flavourings such as spices, brown sugar or honey. In this way you can produce beautiful mustards that range from sweet to spicy, in a range of colours.

When you make your own mustard it likes to sit for a couple of weeks or so in the fridge. During this time the flavours develop and meld together. As is so often the case with homemade condiments, the mustard you end up with may end up tasting different (hopefully better) than it did when it was fresh out of the blender.

This particular recipe is made with Sauvignon Blanc, because I had some open.

Soaking the Mustard Seeds

For this recipe I soaked a mix of Mustard Seeds in a blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Cider Vinegar. I had light brown, medium brown black mustard seeds, so I used all three. When you blitz them in the blender, some of the colour variation is lost but there's always some still visible.

If you prefer your mustard coarse with more whole mustard seeds, just blend for a few seconds less until it looks the way you like it.

Storing your Homemade Mustard

This recipe makes about 350ml, so just enough for a 370ml Jar. Put the finished mustard into a sterile jar and pop a sterile lid on. It will take 2 weeks for the flavours to develop. It will then keep for up to 6 months in the fridge. Make it in Spring and you'll be making gorgeous homemade Honey and Mustard Dressing all summer long.

Homemade Whole Grain Mustard with Sauvignon Blanc

A delicious, mellow mustard which is beautiful on home cooked ham and in honey and mustard salad dressing.

  1. Put all the mustard seeds in a bowl. Add the wine plus the Cider Vinegar. Cover loosely and leave at room temperature for about 24 hours. It will seem like too much liquid, but in a day or so the seeds will have absorbed it all.

  2. Pour the contents of the mustard seed bowl into a blender, together with the sugar, honey and salt. Blitz until the consistency changes from a mixture to a mustard, you'll see it happen. This may take from between 10 to 20 seconds, depending on the speed of your blender.

  3. Pour the mustard into a sterilised jar and fit the lid. Pop a label on if you're likely to forget what it is!

  4. Put the jar in the fridge and leave for a couple of weeks for the flavours to develop.

  5. Enjoy with ham, on gammon, in salad dressings and in sauces.


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