Homemade Swiss Chocolate Almond Liqueur using Top Shelf Essence

This homemade Swiss Chocolate Almond Liqueur is a winner. Gorgeous for Christmas yet perfect as a year-round treat, it is very simple to make.

Making Homemade Liqueurs

If you are a regular reader of my blogs, you'll know I make a range of homemade liqueurs. Some from scratch, like my Homemade Apricot Liqueur, some using everyday ingredients plus essences like my Homemade Irish Cream recipe.

Then there are the really simple ones using a Liqueur Essence, a liqueur base and vodka. Such as a fabulous Homemade Hazelnut Liqueur using Top Shelf Hazelnut Flavouring. This Chocolate Almond Liqueur is made that way, using Top Shelf Swiss Chocolate Almond Liqueur Essence from the Still Spirits Range.

Top Shelf Essences by Still Spirits

Top Shelf is a range of essences and flavourings for making homemade drinks, inspired by spirits and liqueurs from all over the world. Each variety is beautifully presented in 50 ml (1.7 US fl oz) bottles.

These homemade drinks could not be simpler to make and usually at a fraction of what the branded equivalents cost to buy.

How to make Homemade Swiss Chocolate Almond Liqueur


Top Shelf Swiss Chocolate Almond Liqueur Essence

Still Spirits Top Shelf Liqueur Base C

710ml vodka

Cold water

Cleaner/steriliser (to sterilise the bottles. You could also use Milton.)


You will also need a mixer. We used our Kenwood Prospero stand mixer, you could equally use a hand mixer with a mixing bowl.

A funnel.

A large measuring jug.

Bottles. This recipe makes 1.5 75cl wine bottles of liqueur. We used wine bottles. You could use flip top bottles instead, then you don't need corks.

Corks (for wine bottles). We like re-usable rubber topped corks for these liqueurs. 


    1. Sterilise your bottles, corks,  measuring jug and funnel according to the package instructions.
    2. Put the vodka into the mixing bowl, reserving some to rinse out the essence bottle (see later).
    3. Add liqueur base C.
    4. Mix until fully mixed and all the little particles have dissolved. 
    5. Add the bottle of  Flavouring into the bowl.
    6. Rinse out anything left in the flavouring bottle with the vodka you reserved earlier. 
    7. Pour the mix into a measuring jug.
    8. Add water, until the mixture reaches the 1.125 litre mark.
    9. Give it a final mix with a whisk.
    10. Pour the Swiss Chocolate Hazelnut Liqueur into the sterilised bottles. 
    11. Insert the sterilised corks. 
    12. Label.
    13. Enjoy!

You can drink this liqueur right away, though we advise leaving it for a couple of days to allow all the flavours to meld and avoid bottle shock. Most homemade drinks tastes better when left in this way, compared with how it tasted when first mixed.

Watch Andy making this lovely liqueur here

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