Bread Maker Oat Bread with Malt Extract

This week I made a loaf of Oat Bread using Dried Malt Extract (DME) instead of sugar. It turned out so well, I have to share it with you.

Breadmaker Bread with Malt Extract

Dried Malt Extract is sometimes called Spray Malt, or Spraymalt, or DME, or Spray Dried Malt.

They are all the same thing, though they do vary in colour and flavour depending on the grains used to produce the malt extract (see my post 'What is Malt Extract' for more on this).

I used Medium Dried Malt Extract in this loaf, because I had some. Use whichever DME you have. If you don't have any Malt Extract, we sell a variety of them. A good one to start with is Young's Medium SprayMalt and that's the one I used in this recipe.

Once you've opened a pack of DME, keep it in a cool and dry place. Not the fridge, because there's too much moisture in there and dried malt must be kept dry. I keep mine in a sealed jar in the kitchen cupboard.

Breadmaker Oat Bread with Dried Malt Extract (DME)

I often use my breadmaker for dough making, I don't use it to bake the bread much these days. I prefer to shape it into loaves, rolls or whatever and then bake. But this particular day was a crazy one so it was easier to chuck the ingredients into my trusty Panasonic SD-2500 Breadmaker and let it do everything.

Even the children commented on the gorgeous smell as the bread was baking. I bake bread a lot and they rarely comment. But they certainly noticed this one!

The loaf was spectacular. So much so that I plan to experiment more with dried malt extract in food. Watch this space.


When the bread has risen and is about to bake in the breadmaker, quickly pop the lid up, brush the top of the loaf with milk and sprinkle oats over it. Then replace the lid and let the loaf bake.

Hold back 25g of the oats, and add them when the breadmaker has almost finished the kneading cycle (mine counts down so I add it when it has about 5 minutes to go). Then you will get a nice oaty texture in the bread. If you don't do this, the bread is lovely and smooth because all the oats are ground up in the kneading process. So it's just personal preference as to which way you do it.

Breadmaker Oat Bread with Malt Extract (DME)

This is a very easy breadmaker recipe which uses oats, flour and Malt Extract (DME) instead of sugar. It is delicious. Plus it smells amazing as it's baking!

  1. Put all the ingredients in your breadmaker in the order they are listed. If your breadmaker likes wet ingredients added first, simply reverse the list.

  2. Set your breadmaker off on the usual Basic setting, mine is 01. It needs to be a setting that allows time for the rise, so it is likely to be at least 4 hours.

  3. If you get the chance when the bread has risen and before it starts to bake, brush the top quickly with malt and pop some oats on the top.

  4. When the beep goes off to say the breadmaker has finish, turn out the bread onto a wire rack to cool.

Update: since this post I have also made Breadmaker Bread Rolls with Malt and Bran which are equally delicious. Obviously you can't bake them in the breadmaker but you can make the dough in it, then form into balls in a jiffy! They're really worth the effort.


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