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Young's Shrink Capsules for Wine Bottles

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30 Shrink Capsules by Young's in Gold.

After you've filled and corked your wine, you have the option of putting capsules over the necks of the bottles to finish them off. Bottle Shrink Capsules are not necessary to preserve your wine, but they give a professional look. They are ideal for when you intend to give you wine away as a gift.

These capsules are called shrink caps because heat is used to shrink the plastic on to the bottle neck. Simply place a capsule over the neck of the corked bottle, and hold in the steam of a kettle for a few moments. Alternatively, hold the neck in the stream of a hairdryer.

They will make your wine look fabulous, particularly when you coordinate them with a smart looking wine label.

30 shrink capsules are contained in every pack. Available in a variety of colours.