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Woodforde's Nelson's Revenge Real Ale Kit

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Woodforde's Nelson's Revenge Real Ale Kit.

Make your own top quality beer easily at home with this Woodforde's Nelson's Revenge Real Ale Kit.

Based in the heart of the Norfolk countryside, Woodforde's Broadland Brewery has built an enviable reputation for producing a superb range of beers. Many of the Ales in the Woodforde's range are award winning, and all are recognised for their impeccable flavour and quality.

This Woodforde's Nelsons Revenge Real Ale Kit has been produced using only the finest ingredients. It is based on Woodforde's original grist formulation.  The kit is made with the brewery's own choice of hops, so the beer you brew will compare favourably with its commercial equivalent.

A pleasing aroma of malt and rich fruit with citrus notes is the introduction to this Woodforde's classic, with the palate full of malt and fruit dominating initially. This gives way to a lingering dry finish.

ABV: 4.5%
Taste: Citrus, dried fruit
Aroma: Rich floral/fruit
Look: Amber
Sweetness: 3 / 5
Bitterness: 4 / 5

How do I make it?

This top quality kit contains malt, hops, water and yeast and is simple to make.  Just add boiling water. Full instructions are included.

You will need beer making equipment, as no equipment is included with this kit.

Fast delivery, as always.

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Woodforde's Norfolk Ales has become a by-word for consistency and excellence among brewers of cask conditioned ale and their customers. Brewing some of the best British beer for the past three decades, they have always taken pride in what they do, meticulously selecting all our ingredients for their quality and origin, using only the richest of hops for our creations. Not forgetting they use ancient water from deep below their home and the best barley in the world - grown by the farmers they grew up with.