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WineBuddy Apricot Fruit Wine Kit

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Winebuddy Apricot Fruit Wine Kit by Young's.

This Winebuddy Apricot Fruit Wine Kit produces a lovely apricot wine in just 7 days!

These ever-popular Winebuddy Wine Kits produce 6x 700ml bottles of wine. They are so easy to make and are a great introduction to wine making, even for the complete beginner. Winebuddy Wine Kits are exceptional value.

Apricot wine is traditionally renowned for its sweet lasting flavour. The wine is quite golden in colour, with a lovely smooth finish.

This quality fruit wine kit refill requires 900g of sugar plus water adding. It will be ready to drink in a week.

The kit includes:

  • 1 bottle of Fruit Concentrate, from which the wine will be made

  • Yeast/Nutrient to start the fermentation process

  • Stabiliser to stop the fermentation process

  • F-pack, also known as a wine finishing pack, to enhance the varietal characteristics of the wine

  • Finings, to clear the wine

  • Full instructions.

Please note that wine making equipment, sugar and bottles are not included.

When made, your wine will be the 11% ABV, which is equivalent to commercial strength wine.

Your finished wine will accompany most meals and is perfect to close the evening. Or it can simply be enjoyed as an easy drinking wine.

It will be ideal for BBQs, special occasions, relaxed home drinking or giving as gifts.

Need sugar and equipment? You'll find a Beer Making Starter Kit here and Brewing Sugar here.

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