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Solomon Grundy Platinum
Cantia Italian Wine Kit (30 Bottles)

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Solomon Grundy Platinum Cantia Italian Wine Kit.

Solomon Grundy's 30 bottle Cantia Wine Kit from their Platinum range. This is a 7 Day kit.

Start the fermentation on day 1, it's finished by Day 5, and cleared and ready to drink by Day 7.

No extra sugar needs to be added to these kits. Each one produces 30 bottles of great tasting wine.

Tasting notes

A full robust mouth-feel of black fruits and oak. A rich wine.

How much does this kit make?

The Solomon Grundy Platinum 30 bottle Cantia Italian Wine Kit makes around 22.5 litres of wine.

What does it taste like?

The wine can be drunk immediately after 7 days but, as often with wine kits, they benefit from being kept for a little longer. We have a regular customer who buys one of these kits each month. He says the Solomon Grundy Platinum wines are on a par with a well-known brand around the £6/7 price point. We agree with him, and can confirm it improves even more when left for a couple of months.