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Looking for advice, support and/or input for your ecommerce business?

Bev and Andy offer one hour blocks of consultancy to other small retailers. You might be looking for help in a specific area, or just a sounding board for new ideas for your business.

The subjects we cover on the video call might include:

* selling via Amazon FBA

* selling on Amazon Marketplace

* selling on Ebay

* e-commerce in general

* multiple revenue streams

* selling on multiple platforms at the same time

* a new business idea

* solving a specific issue or question.

The process is as follows:

- you buy the Small Retailer Power Hour

- once payment is received, we get in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time for the call

- you complete a questionnaire and return it to us prior to our meeting (we will give you a deadline for this). Your answers will allow us to prepare fully before the meeting, so you get the most out of our time together

- we undertake any necessary research. This might include looking at your website, your accounts on third party platforms (Amazon, Ebay, Etsy etc), and/or your social media channels

- we have a one hour call with you via Zoom (you can record if you wish).

The price includes:

- the research we undertake beforehand based upon your questionnaire answers

- the one hour call via zoom

- one follow-up email from us afterwards including any articles, information, links etc we agree to provide on the call.

Follow up questions and calls

If you wish to book another call, either to go into more depth on the subject or talk about something else altogether,  you would then purchase another Power Hour. You are welcome to book as many Power Hours as you wish.

This purchase for one Power Hour is inclusive of VAT. A VAT invoice of £99 plus VAT will be emailed to you following your purchase.

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