Ritchies White Plastic Topped Corks (30) (T corks) - Almost Off Grid

Ritchies White Plastic Topped Corks (30) (T corks)

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Ritchies White Plastic Topped Corks.

These White Topped Corks, also known as T corks, are ideal for easy resealing and opening of home-made wine.

The corks are designed with a large plastic flanges on the top, whilst the corks are rounded at the bottom. This makes them easy to put in and take out of the bottle, with no special equipment.

Simply use a gentle twisting action to insert or remove.

Ideal for when you wish to 'show' your wines and meads where it is specified that "only cork stoppers with white plastic flanges are to be used". They are also great when you're making wine for the first time and don't have a corker. Whilst they do the job for a few months, they are not recommended if you intend to keep your wine for years, such as in the case of homemade wine from grapes and/or elderberries.

Dimensions - 18mm x 32mm

Pack size: 30.