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Simply Lager Beer Kit

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Ritchies Simply Lager Beer Kit.

This Simply Lager Beer Kit makes 40 pints of golden crisp lager, light & refreshing with honey notes and a lingering bittersweet finish.

With the addition of genuine brewer's yeast in every pack, the Simply Beer range from Ritchies is truly outstanding when it comes to quality, taste and value.

Requires 1kg of brewing sugar with 23 litres of water.

Sugar and beer making equipment not included.

Need sugar and equipment? You'll find a Beer Making Starter Kit here and Brewing Sugar here.

What is the Simply Beer Kit Range?

Each Simply Beer Kit has been crafted with the help and expertise of Ritchies' dedicated team of master brewers. These popular kits use a blend of high quality malt extracts from producers around the world.

The Simply range uses the latest advances in technology and packaging. Simply pouches are 'cold filled' with liquid malt extract, which is different from the  traditional 'hot filled' canning method. This method makes a fresher tasting beer. The pouch uses less packaging material than traditional cans and helps reduce cost by up to two thirds, allowing Ritchies to invest more in higher quality ingredients.

Making your own beer has never been so simple.

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