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Young's Re-start Yeast (5g)

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1 sachet of Restart Wine Yeast for White or Red Wine by Young's.

Young?s Re-start Wine Yeast is the perfect strain for completing fermentations that are sluggish or have completely stopped. This yeast can kick start and dominate the fermentation, fermenting to dryness up to a possible 18% ABV.

This innovative, fermentation-friendly yeast will start work quickly and produce low foam, overcoming difficult fermentation conditions and delivering a consistently clean and fresh tasting wine. This strong, forceful strain is suitable for use with any red, white or rose wine. It is easily handled and confers very neutral flavour and aroma characteristics.

Due to it?s rapid re-activation properties, it will avoid negative wine influencers such as excessive SO production, colour oxidation and flavour loss, which are commonly associated with sluggish fermentations.

This strain of wine yeast was chosen from over 150 available worldwide, involving several thousand individual fermentations. High success rate can be expected where the wine is below 8% ABV and within PH range 3.0-.5.

Sprinkle sachet contents onto surface of juice or 'must', wait for 15 minutes, then stir.

Sufficient for 5 gallons (23 litres) of wine.

Weight: 5g.