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Mangrove Jack's Natural Beer Boost

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Mangrove Jack’s Cherry Flavour Natural Beer Boost. A new range for adding exciting natural beer flavourings to your homemade beer. Can either be added to a whole beer batch, or to individual bottles. Create a range of beers in the comfort of your own home.


Mangrove Jack's Natural Beer Boost - Cherry Flavour. A new range which allows you to add exciting natural beer flavourings to your homemade beer.

Derived from natural ingredients, these Flavour Boosts enables you to create a range of your very own unique beers. You can add them to beer you've made from scratch, or to beer kits.

This Beer Flavouring has a cherry aroma. It is fruity, with well rounded, sweet flavour. Fantastic for Red Ale, Porter, or Blonde beers.

How to use Beer Boosts

With two ways to use Mangrove Jack's Natural Beer Boosts in beermaking, experimentation is easy.

Shake well and add the Beer Boost of your choice to 23L (6.1 US Gallons) of beer after fermentation has completed. Gently stir to distribute the flavouring and leave the beer to sit for 12-24 hours before bottling. Alternatively, if single bottles are to be flavoured, add 1.5ml of flavouring to 750ml of beer prior to carbonation.

How to store Beer Boosts

Store under ambient temperatures and away from direct sunlight.

Contents: 50ml (1.7 US fl oz).

Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.