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Young's Harvest Pilsner Lager Kit

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Young's Harvest Pilsner Lager Kit

Young's Harvest Pilsner Lager Beer Kit produces a refreshing, light lager. Guaranteed to be a real thirst-quencher.

This well-priced kit is designed to produce 40 pints (23 litres) of quality bitter. The beer you produce will have an alcohol content of approximately 5.2% ABV in as little as 10-15 days.

Just add brewing sugar and water.

Please note: all beer kits recommend using Brewer’s Sugar (Dextrose) rather than standard granulated sugar. This is because brewing sugar will start quicker and ferment more cleanly. You will find brewing sugar here.

Beer making equipment and sugar not included. Need a Starter Kit for making beer, wine and cider?

Why do you recommend using brewing sugar instead of household sugar?

Brewing Sugar is Dextrose Monohydrate. It is different to standard household sugar, which is sucrose. Household sugar takes longer to be absorbed by the yeast, which can then produce bi-products and impurities. This can affect the final taste. If you use household sugar, you may end up with a less satisfactory product at the end.

What are the major benefits of brewing sugar over household sugar?

The benefits include

    • Dissolving more quickly;

    • Fermenting more easily;

    • Can produce a higher yield;

    • Can produce a cleaner flavour.