Harris Filters Vinbrite Coarse Filter Pads<br>(Pack of 5) - Almost Off Grid

Harris Filters Vinbrite Coarse Filter Pads
(Pack of 5)

Harris Filters
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Harris Filters Vinbrite Filter Pads Coarse - pack of 5.

These Vinbrite Filter Pads are for use with the Harris Filter Kit Mk3.

The Coarse pads are designed as a pre-treatment pad. If you use them before using either the fine Filtrabrite or Premium Crystalbrite pads, you will notice an improved flow rate. That is because these coarse pads remove larger solids and particles that can block the finer pads.

The first Vinbrite wine filter originated in 1966. Since the Harris Filters Vinbrite kit's original development, it has constantly been updated to keep at the forefront of home wine filtration.

You will find more information about Vinbrite and filter pads in the video below.