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Better Brew Brewing Sugar (1kg)

Better Brew
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1kg packet of Brewing & Winemaking Sugar by Better Brew.

Suitable for all your home brewing requirements. Especially recommended for use in Beers, Lagers, Wines, Ciders and Spirits, for both the primary fermentation and final priming for Beers - whether finished in bottles or a barrel.

Brewing Sugar is Dextrose Monohydrate. It is different to standard household sugar. Basically, using brewing sugar will start quicker and ferment more cleanly.

Standard household sugar takes longer to be absorbed by the yeast, which can produce bi-products and impurities and may affect the final taste.

Brewing Sugar benefits over household sugar:

  • Dissolves more quickly
  • Ferments more easily
  • Can produce a higher yield
  • Can produce a cleaner flavour

Great for priming beer for carbonation.

We would always recommend using brewing sugar in your homebrew for optimum results.

Weight: 1kg.