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Beaverdale Cabernet Shiraz
30 Bottle Wine Kit

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Beaverdale Cabernet Shiraz Wine Making Kit.

A hearty and rich Cabernet Shiraz with a nice deep red colour, rich in tannins with hints of blackcurrant and blackberry. A great wine for ‘laying down’.

Big, bold and dark - a luxurious treat.

30 bottles made in 3 weeks – just add water.

The House of Beaverdale only use pure grape juice and this is why the finished wine will improve with age. We firmly believe that even within a week of the wine being finished, you will not buy a better product. However, if you are able to lay down a few bottles from each batch you'll be amazed at the improvement that the maturing process has on your wine.

First launched in 1988, the House of Beaverdale began producing a pure grape juice concentrate of such high quality it would allow people to produce in their own homes, a range of wines to rival those produced professionally in the chateaus of the world's great wine-producing regions. 
In order to achieve this, we continually search the world's grape growing areas for a product that will enhance this range. 

We are continually looking for ways to improve the quality especially with higher quality grapes, we now have grape juice that comes from Italy, Spain, California, Chile and Argentina, to name but a few countries.

Equipment sold separately.