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Young's American Mocha Porter Beer Kit AMP

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American Mocha Porter Beer Kit by Young's.

A Premium Home Brew Craft Ale Beer Kit from Young's. Just add water.

The American Mocha Porter is a modern take on the traditional Stouts and Porters, popular in Britain since the 1700s. When the American Craft Beer movement started in late 1970's, innovative brewers were looking for new styles to create, radical re-vamps and amalgamations of the old classics from their brewing forefathers seemed like an obvious place to start.

What does AMP taste like?

This brings together, in suitably dramatic style, the best of two classic styles of the Coffee Porter and Chocolate Stout.

Young's American Mocha Porter looks the part, pouring a dark Chocolate with a big white fluffy head. It has bags of Coffee and Chocolate essence reinforcing and magnifying the natural rich and roasty character of the malt., this beer flaunts a wonderfully intense aroma of Coffee and Chocolate which explodes from the glass.

The flavour is amazingly complex, with the heavenly seductive pairing of Coffee and Chocolate linking perfectly with the natural Porter character.

A beer that is sure to delight dark beer lovers, coffee addicts and chocoholics alike!

Beer making equipment not included.