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Alcotec Aromatic Wine Yeast (Complex) (40g)

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Rapid wine fermentation – Aromatic Wine Yeast – Complex

  • Premium Yeast with Nutrient and Enzymes for 25 – 50L
  • Alcotec Active Wine Yeast is actually somewhere in between a turbo yeast and a wine yeast. It is based on a wine yeast strain, chosen for its ability to produce clean and fruity wines. We have added a turbo style nutrition which makes it ferment faster but with retained qualities from the grapes or fruit. Most fruit from your garden contains an amount of pectin and this can be a problem as the wine may develop a haze due to this. To solve this problem, we have added a pectic enzyme which breaks down the unwanted components. Most enzymes for this purpose has none, or very little activity at "normal" temperatues and require addition at high temperature. Our enzyme though is a very high activity type which can do the job even at 30C. The closer you get to 30°C at start, the better. If you go much above this temperature (in the liquid), that will kill the yeast. If you go much below, the enzymatic activity will be lower. So be careful to aim for 30°C start liquid temperature when using the Aromatic Wine Yeast Complex.
  • Instruction for use: Preapare 25-50L wash by adding hot water to your fruit, best in a plastic fermenter. Add sugar if required. Wait until cooled down to 30°C (86°F), then add one sachet of Alcotec Aromatic Wine Yeast Complex directly to the brew. Mix well. Fermentation should start within 24h. Ingredients: Wine yeast, nutrient, vitamins, enzyme.
  • Net weight: 40g